Who we are

MedTechProjects.com has been started in 2016 by Stefano Bergamasco, freelance consultant in the field of medical technology. As a clinical engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the field, Stefano is Vicepresident of the Italian Clinical Engineers Association and has the objective of using his experience and network to improve the efficiency and safety of health processes through the best health technology solutions.

The main activities can be summarized in the following areas:

  • Analysis of technological and safety aspects related to Healthcare Technologies (HTs)
  • Analysis of national and international laws and regulations relating to HTs
  • Support in the planning of HTs management entrusted to internal technical staff, manufacturers or third parties
  • Definition of models and activities of clinical engineering services (internal, external, mixed), analysis of KPIs and performance benchmarking
  • Health Technology Assessment and advice on HTs procurement
  • Development of technology investment plans (renewal, disinvestment, new purchases, etc.)
  • Analysis of maintenance contracts for HTs and technical and commercial review of the contract clauses
  • Functional design for the construction or renovation of hospital departments, technological design, budget for the purchase and management of HTs
  • Evaluation of the useful life of HTs and algorithms for the evaluation of the residual value
  • Coding Systems of HTs (CND, CIVAB, GMDN, UMDNS, etc.)
  • Organisation of training regarding HTs
  • Design and development of telemedicine systems (software, hardware and communication hubs, organization of the service, contact centers, etc.)
  • Design and implementation of Managed Equipment Services (MES). MES are a subset of the broader field of financial and organizational solutions related to the introduction of HTs in the hospital with options other than purchasing, typically inclusive of related services such as maintenance, supply of consumable materials, outsourcing of clinical activities.

A key element in our activity is the partnership with ECRI Institute, prestigious american institution we work with to develop their activities in Italy and other european countries. The many services of ECRI Institute that may interest your hospital or company are described in a dedicated section of this website.