Management and safety

Analysis of technological, plant and safety issues connected with biomedical technologies
Analysis of national and international legislation and legal obligations
Support in planning the management of the technologies entrusted both to the technicians inside the hospital structures and to the manufacturing companies and / or third-party companies
Definition of models and activities of clinical engineering services (internal, external, mixed), KPI analysis and performance benchmarks
Health Technology Assessment and consulting on biomedical technologies in the purchasing phase
Development of technological investment plans (renewal, divestments, new purchases, etc.)
Analysis of maintenance contracts and technical-commercial revision of the clauses for the benefit of hospital facilities
Functional design for the construction or renovation of departments / services, technological sizing, budget for purchase and management of equipment
Evaluation of the useful life of the equipment and algorithms for the evaluation of the residual value
Coding systems (CND, CIVAB, GMDN, UMDNS, etc.)
Organization of corporate training concerning biomedical technologies

The training of professionals in the sector, medical personnel or biomedical engineers and technicians, is an element of fundamental importance for safety and effectiveness in the use of biomedical technologies.

MedTech Projects offers consultancy for the development of ad hoc training plans and implements high-profile training events.