Health Technology Assessment Information Service (HTAIS)

Get unbiased, evidence-based support for your utilisation and health technology assessment questions
ECRI Institute’s multidisciplinary Health Technology Assessment Information Service and Evidence-based Practice Center can help you make more-informed decisions when you’re developing policies about new and emerging drugs, medical devices, diagnostic tests, procedures, and behavioral health services.
Our evidence-based analyses and recommendations help you answer questions like:
 Is a new drug, device, or procedure safe and effective enough to warrant approval?
 Is it as effective for patients as other available options?
 What does it cost?
 Who else covers this intervention?
 What factors are important for providers to understand to successfully implement the technology and achieve optimal patient outcomes?

Make the best possible decisions using the best available evidence
Direct access to unbiased evidence-based tools, resources, and consultations from our 450 on-site multidisciplinary staff, and the ability to commission custom rapid reviews, enables you to stay current on the state of the evidence and prepare for new technologies so you’re not blindsided upon their arrival.
Whether browsing our extensive database of more than 1,000 reports or making custom requests for rapid reviews completed in time for your next meeting, ECRI Institute’s resources are at your fingertips:
 Custom Rapid Reviews. ECRI Institute’s on-demand rapid reviews help you make informed decisions on brand-name drugs and devices, diagnostics (including genetic tests), procedures, and behavioral interventions. Read our perspectives on the evidence base and our roadmap to the clinical literature to help guide your decisions
 Emerging Technology Evidence Reports. Our GRADE-based strength-ofevidence rating system helps you gauge the state of the evidence. Our reports also present important context about technology implementation (e.g., infrastructure, staffing, training, safety requirements), costs, and reimbursement. In addition to offering succinct, clear conclusions on the evidence, we state whether ongoing clinical trials will address gaps in the evidence
 Health Technology Forecasts. We profile healthcare technologies and services in development to give you early warning about what’s coming soon in clinical care so you can prepare for these new technologies and services. From specialty pharmaceuticals to the latest minimally invasive implantable devices to new diagnostics, each technology profile integrates perspectives about potential impacts from experts and thought leaders
 Health Technology Trends. Keep current on important trends and policy issues in clinical care delivery with our monthly newsletter, which includes interviews with key opinion leaders, clinical researchers, and early adopters of new technologies

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