ECRI Institute

For more than 50 years, ECRI Institute, a nonprofit organization founded in the US in 1968, has been dedicated to bringing the discipline of applied scientific research to discover which medical procedures, devices, drugs, and processes are best, all to enable hospitals to improve patient care. ECRI Institute firmly believes that seeking and finding the best ways to improve patient care require “The Discipline of Science” and “The Integrity of Independence”.

ECRI Institute publishes the results of their independent evaluations through a series of online products and services that can be summarized in three main areas:
– Technology decision making
– Evidence-based medicine
– Patient safety and quality


We are partners of ECRI Institute since 2016, collaborating to the development of their activities in Italy and other european countries.

ECRI Institute offers a wide range of products and services. In this section of the site you can find information on the main subscriptions, particularly suitable for the italian and international healthcare sector:
Health Devices Gold
Healthcare Product Comparison System (HPCS), also available as part of Health Devices Gold
Health Technology Assessment Information Service (HTAIS)

Brochures and presentations of the full range of products and services are available in the european ECRI Institute website. For more details or to organize a presentation please contact us here.